Feeling Lonely after Marriage, What Is This Bad Sign?

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When still single, we sometimes feel lonely because we don’t have a partner. It is may be understandable. However, what if already married but still just feel lonely? Do this pertana bad?

Lonely is a feeling that is experienced by humans from various circles and age. Which has not been and already married also be hit by the feeling of loneliness is.

To overcome this, we need to find themain cause in order to be able to return to balance emotions and feelings. Feeling lonely after getting married can be caused by several things, such as the factors below it.

1. The flurry of the Highly Compact

Reported from momjunction.com, one of the causes of the biggest divorce age now is busyness partner. Good flurry in the work and the bustle of taking care of members of the family other. So there is notime that can be spent both alone. So the thing is creating a distance that is increasingly great and made us feel more distant with the couple.

2. Lack of Intimacy

When was the last time near as intimate with a partner? Lack of intimacy or more decrease in the intimacy of this could lead to the emergence of a feeling of loneliness. Touch soft, kissing warm, andinteraction intimate that less can bring a feeling of loneliness.

3. Lack of Emotional Support

For example, our mother is sick and we feel very anxious. However, our husband does not appear to be trying or trying to calm and comfort us.

Lack of emotional support (emotional support) can trigger the presence of feelings of loneliness in yourself. Moreover, if we also reluctant to be honest and open express the feeling we, the distance that is created will increasingly wider and make us feel lonelyeven though there mate.

4. Lack of Giving Time

In everyday life, we are more preoccupied with matters of family or children. Relatives and families of other confiscated a lot of the time we are. So we do not have a personal or time alone with the couple. Lack of time alone is also can be triggers the emergence of feelings of loneliness.

5. Bad Experiences of the Past

Loneliness after marriage is not always caused by our spouse. Incident in the past or relationships in the past and could be the cause.

According to research, loneliness can also be caused by depression or the effects of relationships that have existed in the past. Like from the relationship with brother / sister and relationship with family.

Communicate your emotions and feelings. Let us know what are you taste that can seek way out of that right. Hopefully the marriage that you are living right now can always bring happiness in your life.

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