6 Tips For Communication With A Partner

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Build and maintain communications were good with a partner is a thing that is important . However , maybe you sometimes have difficulty how to do it , and when you have to talk or be quiet. Especially if you often fight or hide the feeling negative , you may be difficult to establish communication with a partner . Do not need a headache , you can contek some tips have that relationship romance with a man she still romantic .

Tips to maintain communication with the couple become more well

Here’s how to improve and maintain communication with your partner and deepen your relationship .

1. Don’t accuse

If you experience problems , be careful not to blame your partner by saying sentences that start with words like ” You made me …” or ” You didn’t …”. Instead , start by saying , ” I feel hurt when …” or ” I’m angry when …”. Your partner will tend to be defensive if you do not sound as if he is attacking or blaming him .

2. Give your partner a chance to talk and listen to him

After you voice what ‘s bothering you, be sure to hear how your partner responds . Give him a chance to speak and listen to what the partner you say .

Maybe you are wrong to interpret the behavior of these , he was not aware with what you feel , or you ‘re doing or saying something to affect it . Whatever the case , with no hearing and give the opportunity a couple you explain it , you do not will never know the cause . This fact will further worsen the atmosphere of the relationship you and make you even think negative .

In addition , your response to the partner’s explanation also needs attention . You can become a listener who is active, not only answer his explanation with a nod or say “oh” but you also can understand what are said to mate you.
Give words that show that you catch what your partner is saying , or even with the simple phrase ” I understand “, if you really understand .

3. Do not just communication is verbal

Communication is not only verbal, give a warm touch to your partner and not only by sexual means . Holding hands , kissing her forehead before going work or when the return to home .

Let your partner know without words, which can sometimes be misinterpreted by others, how much meaning your presence in his life . Touches are coupled with a greeting that right can add intimacy and harmony in the relationship you.

4. Start with a simple conversation

If you ‘re there a problem with the partner you are or there are things that disturb the relationship of your fixed start communications with a couple of things that simple . Even if the pair you are not too keen to talk long- width at the time that you can lure him with the questions that made him want to tell .

For example , ask people say today is , what just what to do today is , how his work . Give also the expression of the fun that shows you are very interested in the answers to a couple you.

5. Stay open

Although it is sometimes more convenient to remain silent or to postpone the conversation until later , is important to resist the temptation of it . Remains open is the key of communication with the partner becomes more good .

6. Praise your partner

Communication with a healthy partner is not just telling or voicing your complaints . However , also on show on the partner you how much you appreciate both the scale large or small .

Disclose and admit what were already a couple you do on you. Say thank you to your partner . Show how happy you have become part of his life . Do not hesitate to give out a couple you how you fell in love and how much he means to you.

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