7 Little Habits That Turn Toxic For Relationships

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When undergoing love , often people do not realize that they are doing a lot of bad habits that later become toxic to their love relationships with a partner . In the end , he was just going to feel trapped by love is wrong, even though the causes of major was her own .

1. Always criticize ourselves alone

Likes to complain and criticize ourselves alone makes not pretty . May feel less , but who can stand hearing your complaints every day ? Couples will definitely be tired of hearing it , even though most likely he did not realize the shortcomings that you like to complain .

2. Likes to criticize people around

Not only negative on yourself alone , you also like to judge other people, how not becusnya them , how stupid they are or the other . Instead of feeling self-styled true and perfect , be a person who is more appreciative of others.

3. Can not determine the right priority

What that would you choose more first , working late at night to be able to get a lot of money or break moment for a meal with my partner ? Same- equally important , but make sure have time together couples even briefly , is more important than the mere thought of money .

4. Believe in your own opinion

You are not able to listen to his opinions , because you consider your own opinion the most good and right . You do n’t respect and think about their opinions . This is what makes a relationship of love was never warm .

5. Always looking for mistakes

You are both busy and tired , but your attitude is always negative towards your busy schedule . You suspect he came out with a woman other, fatigue makes you sensitive , and it made the situation even worse , at the end you fight .

6. Want to control everything

You want him like this , like that as you wish . In fact , he is an individual who has his own opinions and decisions in his life . No need to be too fussy , remind as necessary , without offending him .

7. Comparing pairs with others

Neighboring grass is greener than the grass itself ? Stop comparing where it ‘s clearly not the same as someone else’s partner . If this is what you always do , just break up , don’t keep hurting him .

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