7 Vices That Ruin A Marriage

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Sometimes in a marriage , a husband or wife is faced with a serious problem . There are things that can no longer be reconciled and then the decision to divorce comes out , usually both husband and wife feel they are at the end of the journey and feel that the household can not be saved anymore .

There are also trivial things that later become big when in fact it can still be fixed and the marriage is saved from divorce . This is the 7 habits of bad that can ruin relationships marriage if it continues to be left . Do not let wrong behavior damage the relationship of husband and wife . What are those ?

1. Not talking about important issues

When problems arise in a relationship , the best thing to do is to discuss them as soon as possible . However , many couples choose a path that is more convenient to not discuss the issue was .

They are absorbed in playing each gadget without bertukan information with each other. Why is that ? Some people choose to get away from problems . Forget without discussing as evaluation material .

The result does not happen the repair themselves between one each other.  Not only it wrote , lost moments of discussion after facing the problem means you lose the moment to be mutually know one each other.

Without telling what are you expecting to mate , then later on when facing problems are the same , the pair you are not going to know what are you like , what are you expected and the best for the wedding you’re with him . Do not discuss issues until thoroughly it will create a problem that grows more great . When the quarrel had happened , then everything is already too late .

2. Bringing up old problems

When different opinions , that’s the time to contest the argument . But bring up the problem of old and re- inserted when fighting argument feels not fit. It may even be exacerbating the relationship you’re in a couple . If you like it , soon control yourself you .

However, if the pair you are like that , try to find a time when you were reconciled to talk about that prize when clashing arguments that are things that are less precise and can make you feel not comfortable . It would be better if you discuss to find solutions rather than bring up the past .

3. Talk in the back after going on a quarrel

Instead of a couple , the same friends only if you talk about it in the back feels not bad . Many people have the trait innate like this , likes to tell the problems themselves on others. Either to relatives or to friends .

So if there was a fight , he told his relatives from AZ . He tells the version of himself . In accordance with his point of view . Well, if later the partner hears what was said in front of others then new problems can re- emerge .

If repeated again , can be repeated again . Especially if you talk in the back after a fight . It may be that what you are telling is something that is exaggerated , not in accordance with reality . It could be people who heard the story of you , not to give a solution which is right , but instead provide inputs that are less good for the relationship you and pair you .

Would be dangerous if such it keeps recurring , then the relationship will further deteriorate and could culminate in divorce .

4. Comparing a partner with an ex

Either in front or at the rear mate , to compare the pair with the former is the case wrong. At essentially no one else likes if he be compared with others. Especially if the former spouse when this . This can make someone feel upset . This is a behavior that many people hate .

5. Does not respect privacy and personal space

What the heck that meant the room personally ? You need to realize that . Space Personal is a part important of life you are not required to be regulated by the couple you . You have the authority to regulate the room personal life you. However , you should understand that any action you in the room personally you must respect the good and not harm or hurt the couple you .

6. Give priority to friends

Nothing always prioritizes friends . Well, if you are already married and remained like this seems to be dangerous . Not everyone is willing to be treated like that . Are not directly in the number -emphasized . Once married , in fact most people want to be the most important or become number one for his partner . What’s more if his friend it is opposed to the type . Of course you will be burning emotions .

7. Often blamed the couple in front of People Parent

Pairs you need to work hard to ensure that he is quite capable to become the companion you are in the presence of a parent you are . After the parents feel trust and confident , just then he gives his blessing .

If after marriage you are even preoccupied with constantly mocking your partner in front of parents , then this is not true . Search only friends to confide in others. Often blaming a partner in front of a parent will only create new problems . Leave habits like that huh .

That’s the 7 bad things that damage marriage and can be the cause of divorce . You certainly can keep a relationship marriage you . Habits are less precise , certainly can you change !

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