7 Ways To Raise Children After Dealing With Divorce

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Divorce seems to already be a thing that is unusual is found in the community . Finally , the child always be casualties on the divorce that is experienced by both parents them . Not a few others, divorced child victims become traumatized and do not believe in a marriage so they decide not to get married .

For Mama who may ‘re in the process of divorce or already divorced with her husband , important to note also the condition of health mental, social and emotional children . Do not let children become traumatized by divorce .
Mama must ensure , in the future , children have a life that is happy , healthy mentally and physically , and not suffered trauma to establish a relationship with the opponent types .

1. Trying to establish good relations with ex- husband for the sake of children

Do not until bubbling resentment Mama against ex- husband in front of the children . How else you keep parents them and even vilify ex- husband in front of the children will be impacted badly on the condition of his psychology .
Do not also make children become as adviser or person of trust Mama. If necessary , Mama could use a counselor so that Mama could vent and get advice wise from him .

2. Tell me the actual conditions but limit according to their age

It’s better to tell the real condition , that Mama and her father ca n’t live together anymore . Will but they do not need to know the details why divorce this can happen . They more need to be convinced that even though his parents divorced , they still will get 100% love affection from both parents .

3. Allow if they are sad

Feeling sad after divorce is not only felt by mother and ex- husband , but the children must have also felt things were the same . That’s normal, anyway , Ma. Stages usually denial , angry , bargain bargain with the state , sad and reception . Even the level of willingness for each child is different .

4. Consultation with a psychologist

There are some children who can accept the divorce both parents they are however , not little children who experience the stress of weight after her parents divorced .

So, Mama as her parents must be more sensitive to see the behavior of children after a divorce occurs . If necessary , consult to a psychologist to face the child is also important to do .

5. Don’t say bad things about your ex- husband

If divorce is due to domestic violence, cheating , husband does not give a living or problems other makes Mama sick liver, preferably Mama do not need to spit ugliness ex- husband in front of the children .

How else children have a sense of affection that is equal to Mama and daddy . If say the evils of his father in front of the kids just will burden the children are emotionally .

6. Maintain consistency and routine

If Mom and Dad have kesepatakan about the care of children , should work together and agree on routines that do the kids before you get divorced .

So when children stay overnight in one of your homes , they have the same rules , for example setting a time to sleep, limiting playing games, or even determining which movies are allowed .

7. Buy a book about how to deal with parental divorce

In the market there are many books circulating about dealing with divorce parents who are intended for children . However , Mama must ensure that the books are in accordance with after the child .

With such thoughts of children are also more open and more know how to face the divorce of parents they are and continue to live them without affected by the condition of her parents .

Well, that’s 7 ways to educate children after divorce . Despite that , the divorce should not be the choice to resolve the problem in the house stairs . If there are problems , try to communicate with your husband looking for solutions together . Indeed , marriage is a container for learning become personal that is more able to appreciate , patient and grow into personal that much better .

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