Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette for Men, 6.7 Fl Ounce

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NAUTICA VOYAGE: Wear NAUTICA FRAGRANCES Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for an alluring and confident scent INVIGORATING TOP NOTES: The sweet, refreshing smell of fresh cut apples THE SPIRIT OF THE SEA: The calming scent of water lotus A WOODY BASE: Blended with an earthy and masculine foundation of Cedarwood WHEREVER YOU GO: Perfect for exploring, working, and all other occasions

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3.62 x 2.01 x 6.97 inches; 1.32 Pounds

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Coty Beauty

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#1 in Men's Eau de Toilette

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10 reviews for Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette for Men, 6.7 Fl Ounce

  1. BeetBeet

    Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5 Anchors)Review:Ahoy, fellow fragrance adventurers! If you’re tired of smelling like you just stumbled out of a garden or overdosed on musk, Nautica Voyage Cologne is here to rescue your nostrils from the mundane!First sniff, and I swear I heard seagulls and felt a misty ocean breeze. This cologne isn’t just a scent; it’s a voyage to a land where you’re the captain of your olfactory destiny. The aquatic notes are like a snorkeling trip for your nose, and the fruity hints are like tropical fruit salad – just don’t try to eat your arm, okay?Now, let’s talk staying power. This stuff doesn’t vanish faster than my motivation to do laundry. It’s got that perfect “I smell good, but I didn’t just bathe in cologne” balance. You won’t be leaving a scent trail that screams “cologne cloud,” and that’s a victory in itself.And don’t even get me started on compliments. I had someone tell me I smelled like a “sophisticated ocean explorer.” I mean, I’m no Jacques Cousteau, but I’ll take it! It’s like this fragrance sprinkles a little charisma on your shoulders – not guaranteed to make you an overnight heartthrob, but it can’t hurt, right?The bottle design? Simple, like “I’m-here-to-make-you-smell-awesome” simple. No unnecessary bling, just a clear declaration of fragrance intent.In conclusion, Nautica Voyage Cologne is my new first mate in the cologne fleet. It’s like a vacation for your nose, a confidence booster, and the punchline to the “Do I smell okay?” joke. So, if you’re ready to set sail for scented success and laughs, this fragrance is your ship, and adventure awaits! 🚢⚓️🌊

  2. Eric

    I’ve been buying this Nautica Voyage for years, I have well over 30 bottles of cologne, most are far more expensive, I won’t pay over $200 for a cologne, but this is I think under $20, I get compliments every time I wear it and have for many years. Very nice smell, a bit metallic up front but quickly changes to a wonderful scent. Women love it on men. If you are lookimg for a good cologne, especially for the summer, but can be used all year long , I would blind buy this any day of the weak. The price has dropped quite w bit over the years, it was never really expensive, but for the cost you can’t go wrong. My wife actually forst bought this for me about 16 years ago when we were dating and I’ve bought many bottles since. It’s a great smell that is not offensive, I’ve never had anyone say they don’t Luke it, and my friends are quickly to let you know if they don’t like anything. I buy a lot of blue scents, like YSL Y, Montblanc Explorer, of course Dior Savage Parfum, Polo Blue, Versace Man, but I also like Mont Blanc legend Red, Mont Blanc Legend, Dior Homme, Polo Red, Mankind, Mont Blanc Legend, Jimmy Choo Man Intense, Chanelle Allire Sport, Prada Carbon, Coach Blue, I have a full bottle, 100ml of Azzaro the Most wanted, I tried it twice only 2 sprays on body and can’t stand it. Everyone raves about it but I don’t care for it, I’ll likely give it to a friend. With all these more expensive colognes, I get as many or more compliments from Nautica Voyage. I have many more but I can’t list them all, I know this is a great buy at a great price. Places like Macy’s stopped stocking it so I will only buy when sold by and ships from Amazon I’m sure there are plenty of good sellers, I use a fragrance discounter as well that I’ve used for years and get great deals. Cory is the company who makes the Nautica Voyage, and has for many years, honestly I preferred the original more but I wear what my wife likes, which translates into what 99% of women like, and she likes the Cory Brand of Voyage just as well as the original so I can’t complain. Inexpensive, fast, great smelling, you can’t go wrong.

  3. Michael Griffin

    This is so good like even if I was rich I’d probably still use this for a daily cologne especially when I wore axe spray on the first day of school and my friend told me it smelt bad then him putting this cologne on himself cause it smelt good

  4. Nick

    I was looking for something that wasn’t expensive and after reading reviews gave this a try and I;m very happy I did. The bottle was larger than expected and smell was on point. Yes I will buy again

  5. octavio

    Inexpensive and long lasting I rate it 5 plus star at first I was skeptical about it because of the price but the more I looked into it I decided to give it a try and to be honest it has to be one of my favorite one probably better then most of the newer ones

  6. Ed Dolan

    I was looking for a new cologne after my breakup, and Nautica Voyager came highly recommended. I’m glad I took the advice!!Light and crisp, with good projection – the scent is still noticable (although somewhat faint) after a full day of work in an office setting. For $20 bucks it’s a steal!

  7. Hazel Knows Best💎✨

    If Your into your person smelling Masculine clean and fresh this is the sent I always get this for my partner one of her go to Scents and I just love it on her. Makes you just wanna stay close to keep smelling lol

  8. Andrew Smith

    Usually good value and cologne don’t go together, but this is one of the exceptions. I have many higher dollar colognes but I always return to this one when the weather is nice. It’s a great apply/fruity, sporty type of scent.

  9. EVAN

    I was surprised to get more comments from this from women. Then my more expensive colognes. I like the fresh smell this has and the cost is unbeatable. I use this as my everyday smell for work and my more expensive ones for special occasions.

  10. Item/Topic Researcher

    I like the smell, price and quantity. Hard to get descent colognes for men. But this one is a good pick

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