Quality Fragrance Oils’ Impression #126, Inspired by Eros for Men (10ml Roll On)

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About this item NOTES: Mint, Green apple, Lemon, Tonka bean, Geranium, Ambroxan, Madagascar vanilla, Vetiver, Moss, Cedar, Atlas cedar, Oakmoss, Patchouli.

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Quality Fragrance Oils

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#27 in Women's Eau de Parfum

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10 reviews for Quality Fragrance Oils’ Impression #126, Inspired by Eros for Men (10ml Roll On)

  1. Monster

    I’ve bought 4 different scents from this company. Two for me and two for my husband. All smell wonderful. The baccarat rouge and the tobacco vanilla are my favorites. I get so many compliments on the baccarat, everytime I wear it. I’ve already used half the bottle. I’ll for sure be buying more.

  2. Krissie Hensley

    This rub-on roller is perfect for travel, to carry in my purse, and smells AMAZING! It actually smells better than the original! I get compliments constantly and asked what I am wearing! I will continue to buy this product, as it smells amazing, cost is perfect, and so convenient to carry!

  3. Toribio Mendoza

    I’m a bit of a finicky buyer when it comes to fragrances, and even when I purchase an original cologne at a store, I might return it if it clashes with my body chemistry. I chose the Acqua Di Gio fragrance because 1. I know the original by heart and 2. I really enjoy how it works with my chemistry, so it’d be fool-proof to test it out and if I hated this by-comparison-cheap “impression” or if I loved it.Cost: Absolutely inexpensive. Bottle is roughly the size of my thumb and a couple of “licks” of the roll-on really do a great job. I see it lasting a WHILE, comparing it to maybe a 3.5oz bottle or maybe a bit longer.Product: A bit weird to get used to an oil, rather than a spray, specially since it doesn’t have that “IN YOUR F***G FACE” first spritz that only lasts a couple of minutes from the original. That means, you don’t get that wonderful “AHHHH” moment when you sniff it out of the bottle. What you get instead about 10 minutes after, is a perfect amount of fragrance and sillage that just won’t quit until you shower. I even fell asleep with it on and woke up with a very pleasant aroma on my clothes.Fragrance: One thing I noticed is that the best release of fragrance comes after you’ve had it on for a bit, and it heats up with your body, otherwise the smell is hardly noticeable. I purchased several impressions at once to skimp on shipping (and I also figured that the more chances I gave it, the higher the chance I’d find at least one I enjoyed). Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with all of them, but still here’s a listing of what I thought of each. Acqua Di Gio: It’s probably one of the oldest fragrances they have available, so they’ve had time to perfect it. 5/5. The real deal is 50$ for 3.5oz, so not saving A TON, but out of curiosity I tried it out and I’m happy I did. Abercrombie Fierce: Unlike a lot of people, I’m not annoyed by this fragrance. 5/5. Again, real deal is 50$, so we’re still in VERY NICE, but “not a big deal” territory. Paco Rabbane 1 Million: This is where it gets interesting, a $90 bottle can’t possibly be replicated by a 7$ knock-off, right? 4.5/5. This one I’d only smelled on a test strip from a magazine, so I’ve no idea how it would work with my body chemistry. It’s spot-on close to the test strip, and I’m extremely happy I didn’t buy the original, because I kind of hate it on me. 😀 I’ll pass by the mall and try the original, but besides the initial notes I loved, I think I’m cool not owning this one. Again, that’s a personal preference on the original, not the impression. The impression is PERFECT. Tom Ford Oud Wood & Tuscan Leather: $225 each. Too rich for my blood, and also I wouldn’t call it a “real” cologne in a sense. It’s more like a collection of really nice smells that would go amazing as a layer with other more “average” cologne. Wouldn’t know how to rate it, since I haven’t even smelled (or even heard of) the real deal, but I thought it’d be a fun experiment, which it was. Once I smell the originals, I’ll know: if it’s spot-on (which an educated guess tells me it will be) it’s a great deal. If it’s not spot-on, it’s still an enjoyable base to personalize the original colognes I already own.Usage: I would feel totally confident wearing this out, pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t have that strange “cheap-cologne” smell. Since it’s an oil, I guess I could also put it in unscented body lotion, but that’s more for personal usage, since I’m guessing the scent would be perfectly faint. I also see it as a “perfectly safe to waste” fragrance, like when you go to the gym or just day to day activities where you still want to smell great but don’t want to spray a $90 bottle for a couple of hrs before you take a shower, which is surprisingly often.So there you have it, in short, buy with confidence and if you’re not willing to part with 7$ ea. for the sake of testing one of these out, be my guest and spend however much the one you want costs. I tried them, and I thought they were amazing. With that said, I don’t think I’m going to “test” anymore unless I actually like the real deal. (I’m looking at you, Rabbane’s 1 Million)

  4. _simplyb21

    I have a coworker who wears the real stuff and this seriously smells EXACTLY like it! Now, it’s not as strong as hers, but given that it’s not a spray bottle could be why. Honestly a perfect dupe

  5. John Locke

    Excellent scent, you will get compliments but it does need to be reapplied every once in a while. Great value nonetheless. Wish the shipping was free.

  6. HamYen

    I’m a lady but like the smell of this perfume. It is a unisex fragrance

  7. Brenda Herrington

    I had not smelled this Thomforde sent before, but when I read what it was, I had to try it, and I have to say this is a very nice perfume! It lasts very well and it’s a very pretty scent. I will definitely be buying more.

  8. Ashley

    This fragrance smells just like my Arianna Grande perfume it’s soft and sweet

  9. Janice Qercia

    100% worth it and it was delivered on time 🙌

  10. Charlie R.

    Smells really good!!!

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