4 Properties To Establish Communication The Good With Spouse

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Often had we heard that to keep the relationship remains a lasting and persist longer have to maintain communication . Communications are both key to happiness relationship . But the actual communication are good that are like what , anyway?

Deny Hen in his book, The Great Marriage said that to have a pleasant communication , we need to have four important character qualities . For more details , let ‘s look at here . By knowing things is , we will more easily establish communication that is good with a partner .

1. Warmth

When talking , use a soft , controlled voice . Do not use high notes or harsh and hurtful words . When chatting with your husband , try touching his hand to give a warm , calm , and comfortable feeling . When communication can be established with warmth , then the relationship can feel more close .

2. Empathy

If during this we ‘ve empathized on the pair ? Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others by placing themselves in the position and perspective of people are . If we already have empathy , we will not easily judge or corner others by hurting their hearts . To create a sense of empathy , we can begin to realize that the feelings of the couple also equally important to the feeling that we had.

3. Be honest and open

The more we are honest and open with our partners , the easier we will get to know and be close to our partners . Even the attitude of honest and open it could be likened to a vaccine infidelity . Infidelity can be prevented if we could chat with an honest and open with a partner . No need to cover up anything especially to lie .

4. Respect

Respect the couple are things that are also very important to create communication that is good . It can be started by not saying bad things about your partner to the people around us .

Respect the fact that the pair might have a hobby and the angle of view is different to anything . Which do not lose important is to respect the fact that there is a commitment in a relationship that needs to be kept together to maintain the integrity of love .

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