5 Reasons Women Should Have Their Own Income After Marriage

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Most large women Indonesia to make the wedding as the goal of his life . In fact, since they are still small , they ‘ve been dreaming of is spoken by a man handsome and wearing a dress the bride were beautiful . But unfortunately that is conceivable only that beautiful-beauty alone , whereas in reality women have to sacrifice a lot of things when it entered into marriage . One of them is economic independence . In other words, you must have your own income .

Many women choose to get out of work or undo the intention to work when requested by the husband . When asked , they will say : ” Home and family welfare are the main responsibility of the wife , and the economy is the main responsibility of the husband ” . With a pattern of thought that like it , then no wonder many women with skills or education high on the end opted into the mother house stairs alone .

Being the mother house stairs are things that glorious and requires the expertise of its own . But you must realize how important it is to be an independent woman and have your own income after marriage .

Being a Wife Who Equals With Husband, Not That Rely On Husband

Many wives who live in a marriage that is not happy with a husband who is not good , one of the reasons they are : ” I’m not ready for divorce . I’m afraid not to charge for children again if divorced . Want how again , I do not work . Yes already deh , i stand-betahin wrote while it . Later, if I get a job, maybe I just divorced . “

There are a lot of things bad that could be the case when you are as a person grown too dependent on others. When you depend on someone , you become unable to enforce your boundaries . Your position in negotiations becomes weak .

It also led to there wives who did not divorce her husband when her husband is having an affair or rude to use violence . They are not helpless when husbands they violate commitments were set out , because the husband they became the only source of life they are . You do not want it right , ignored and not considered because your partner feels you can not live without money ?

It is not berburuk thought . You just have to understand that the couple you love is just an ordinary person who has weaknesses that must be anticipated . Love may be , but not until you leave logic and trust yourself you.

Own your own income , and you will feel more empowered in your marriage . If you and a partner you have the relations of power are balanced in a house ladder , of course only house ladder will be more healthy and full of a sense of respect to the commitment and one each other.

You Are More Free In Spending Your Own Money

You certainly have a desire to buy something to please yourself alone . Especially if you often feel stressed caring for children and feel bored because they are always at home . Sometimes something that want you to buy might just be worth for yourself your own , not for a husband or children you. Maybe you want to buy new shoes , new makeup or just go to the salon and pamper yourself .

Whether it is a thing that is wrong? NO ! After all, it’s your own money . You as the adults also need to please yourself your own so that the health of your mental remain awake .

If all the money comes from your husband , you can be pressured to obey his preferences . You can find it all to be over approval of partner you because it is the money that he get . But if it is your own money , you will feel more free and independent in making your own decisions .

Have saves Emergency When Happen Things Not Wanted

If the husband you are the only person who generates money in the family you, it automatically the state of economic family you depend entirely on the condition of the husband you. What if suddenly your husband ca n’t work anymore?

Conversely , if you have income of their own , it automatically you will feel more free to spend . You do not need to justify every purchase you to pair you because you get the money it ‘s own . In the other , a couple you also are not going to feel entitled to set the preferences of entertainment you.

You need to know that the couple IS NOT ALWAYS and MUST NOT agree to all terms . Couple You might be like to spend money to collect hours of hands because he appreciates the quality , but you are more like to spend time in the spa and massage as a professional .

Pair you could just do not agree you to waste money just for the sake of the massage . But actually you do not have to ask for approval of the husband to do something anyway , as long as the decision you do not interfere with the interests of joint and commitment you as husband and wife .

Husband Will More Rewarding Yourself You For Individuals Who Unique

According to Peter Gray, Ph.D , in a marriage relationship , respect is far more crucial than love . Love will only bring happiness if love is wrapped with respect . In fact , love without respect is dangerous because it can destroy you.
Respect that is in here is the awareness and acceptance that the partner you are not yourself you, not a part of yourself you, not a reflection of you, not a toy you, and not the product you.

In a relationship that is based on respect, you and a partner must realize and accept that you both are individual unique that has credentials respectively . It is important that you and your spouse are equally compromised to achieve the goal together , also help one each other achieve the objectives of each .

Now , if you do not show who himself at the outside of the affairs of the house stairs , the husband can forget that you are a woman who has the identity belongs to you alone . You are considered as a wife whose identity is only as the servant of the husband and the children’s nurse mother . And anyone who thought of themselves you? In fact, should you also have the right to think of yourself your own !

By having the income itself after getting married , it automatically you also show that you can make the choice for yourself your own . You have a goal and the achievement of its own . You also have qualities that are professionally valued. It ‘s going to make a couple of your more easy to give respect to you as an individual with the identity that is unique.

If you continue to prove the ability of self you to partner you, surely he would be open also to discuss on the outside of the affairs of the house ladder . You and a partner you will be much easier to do the bonding not only be emotionally but also as an intellectual . It ‘s going to create a bond between you and your partner you more powerful, and will help you pass through periods of difficult in a marriage .

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